The reality

No woman is immune from acts of aggression.

Whatever her age, looks, social class or the way she dresses. Situations that might threaten a women's physical well-being and that are emotionally very draining occur on a daily basis in our modern society. And few are prepared for such high stress situations. Whether it be violence as a result of an escalating argument (e.g. abuse in relationships), sexual harassment, intimidation, bag theft, carjackings or rape.

All the above and our observation of a gap between existing "combat sports suited for self defense" and the reality of violent confrontations has made us determined to come with a simple and effective system which is applicable in real life. Based on our years of training and our professional experience we developed a method that is founded on two core principles: easy-to-learn and realism. The techniques we use are selected from Advanced Krav Maga Systems (a realistic form of self defense that evolved from the Israeli close combat system Krav Maga) and Katal (the use of scenarios and role playing to enhance the effectiveness of training).

Our claim of realism is supported by our field experience : two of the three founding members of AKMS & Katal are full time security professionals : Willy Ngombo, 12 years of experience as a Police Officer with the intervention units and 24 years of training and studying combat sports and Youssef El Namir, security consultant and 20 years of practicing combat sports.

These two systems ' AKMS & Katal ' permit everybody to mount as strong a defense as possible against one or multiple aggressors.

The techniques were developed to be effective in extreme stress situations like :

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