Scenario based training

For example :

The following scenarios : physical aggression ensuing a heated argument or an attempted rape. Our starting point is always to avoid as much violence as possible by teaching you the mindset and mental awareness provided by "Katal" and "Advanced Krav Maga Systems".

This self awareness ' on the street, in car parks or even when queuing ' might seem to require a lot of energy at first but in time it will become a second nature that works on a subconscious level. It will make you aware of the behavior of people around you while at the same time providing you with a peace of mind that only comes with increased self confidence.

This mental training will be combined with physical conditioning and self defense techniques that allow you to distance yourself from the danger as quickly as possible (e.g. by making use of objects that at first look harmless). When such objects aren't available ' so only as a last resort ' we will teach you how to use your arms and legs as weapons. A thorough knowledge of the strong points of your body and the weak points of the body of the assailant is indispensable to achieve this.

Defense for women : Scenarios

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